National Olympic Sports Center
Beijing, China


The National Olympic Sports Center, located in the northern part of Beijing City, is owned and managed by the Chinese Government. It is the site of many international sports events, the most well known of which is the Asian Games held in Beijing in 1991 (?).  The International Unicycling Federation is very fortunate that The China Unicycle Association is making these facilities available for Unicon X.

On October 9, 1998 I visited the center and was very impressed by the tracks, gyms and other facilities. Here is a picture of a model of the facility. It is elliptical in shape and measures about 2 by 1.3 kilometers.


You can see the circular track and the main gym, which is the big building on the right side. Although there are no dormitories on the site itself, there are many inexpensive hotels within a few minutes walking/unicycling distance. The hotel rooms will probably only cost  about $12 a day. There are also plenty of restaurants, bars, clubs and other entertainment  establishments nearby.

There is also a 4 kilometer road that circles the facility (you could see it in the picture), and it is suitable for the 10 kilometer marathon.

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