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The CUA board of directors has 12 members. Most of the administrative work is done  at the CIST headquarters. Below is an introduction to some of the leading officials. The surname always precedes the given name, according to Chinese custom. More soon.....


chen.jpg (8217 バイト)Chen Zhenghuan
Chairman, China Unicycle Association
Vice Secretary-General, Chinese Cycling Association

Mr. Chen attended Unicon VII in Minneapolis and Unicon IX in Bottrop, Germany. He works at the CUA government offices,not CIST. Those who attended Unicon IX will remember him as the man who gave a concluding speech during the closing ceremony.

zhang.jpg (3509 バイト)Zhang Shuxiao
Vice Chairman, China Unicycle Association
Assistant to President, China International Sports Travel Company

Zhang Shuxiao is one of the main forces behind promoting unicycling in China today. He had the IUF rules translated into Chinese, and is actively organizing unicycling meets and student exchanges.

cistpres.jpg (4516 バイト)Lin Yuan
Chairman, China International Sports Travel Association
President, China International Sports Travel Company

Zhao Yang (Charles Zhao)
Liaison of the China Unicycle Association

Zhao Yang, in English Charles Zhao, works at the China International Sports Travel Association. He is the main (almost the only) contact   person with whom the world can communicate with the CUA.   His English is pretty good. He has translated the IUF rule book into Chinese, and translates all correspondence to the CUA for his boss Zhang Shuxiao.

Charles Zhao has been replaced by Yuan Xiaoge as of June 1999.

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